Five Ways Interior Signage Will Improve Your Workplace.

November 01, 2022

So you finally decided you need to refresh your workplace interior?  Let signage lead the way.  The good news is that workplace communication is an easy, affordable and effective way to achieve many goals.

1. Safety First

Make sure your signage provides information about the location of first aid kits, fire evacuation routes, and exit markings.   With COVID-19, Social distancing and mask messaging is still important.  After the pandemic, use signs to promote wellness or the need to get flu shots.  In addition to safety and health, make sure you highlight cleanliness in break rooms and kitchens.  And don’t forget hand-washing signs in bathrooms.

2. Mood and Ambience

You spent some coin on that cool hipster lobby so carry the vibe throughout the building.  A good designer can provide help with graphic wallpapers in the hallway or window films for conference rooms and doors.  Say goodbye to boring, say hello to a workplace where folks feel comfortable.

3. Navigation

Hate when you visit a business and nothing is clearly marked?  Use signage to label offices and identify the occupants.   Could floor graphics take the confusion out of a hallway that tees into another hallway?  Inspire team loyalty by marking department walls with bold graphics. And make sure the way to the restrooms is clearly marked–not just the doors.  The most asked question by visitors is probably “excuse me, where are your restrooms?”

4. Inspiration and Motivation

Here’s your chance to have some fun, but use your message wisely.  Don’t use cheesy, uninspired slogans that will become internet memes.  Post compelling infographics on company projects or on progress on deadlines.  Print on durable materials so that these achievements can be saved as keepsakes.   Rotate messages and topics to create anticipation from co-workers and teammates.

5. Celebration

Now that you have turned your workplace into a graphic showcase, don’t stop.  Celebrate important events with banners and posters.   Retractable banners are great for recurring events.  Highlight extraordinary achievements with wall mounted acrylic signs and plaques.  Let’s face it, most things worthy of hanging deserve more than clip art and copier paper.  If you need ideas, give us a call.  There are endless possibilities.