Why Offset Printing?

Top 8 Benefits of Offset Printing

Offset Printing is the right way to large runs in a short span of time with consistently high-quality print. Not only this Offset Printing offers numerous advantages. Let's have a look at them!

Fast Turnaround

Offset printing is the industry standard for print quality and fast turnaround for large commercial orders. Setting up the plates with the correct choice of ink colors can be a tedious task. But once the offset plates are set, the prints are ready in no time. Digital Printing is a way to go for short runs but Offset Printing is the right choice for large quantities.

Stock Options

Digital Printing can be a speedy way to your prints but offset printing has so much more to offer. Offset printing offers more options of materials and stock paper to choose from. Our talented team can help you decide the correct paper for your print job. For example paper with gloss finish is ideal for brochure printing.

Photographic Quality

Every customer likes their prints to be high quality with detailed image duplication. The quality of offset printing is still unbeatable. Quality prints start with the use of good quality ink and the amount of ink used for printing. The plates print the details and ink does the magic resulting in photographic quality prints.


In digital printing, each printed copy is separate from the other. It is a good feature when it comes to printing variable data. However, sometimes a slight difference can be witnessed in two identical printed copies which might not be visible to the human eye. On the other hand, offset printers prints identical copies even though it is more than 5000.

Lower Cost

Offset printing is ideal for commercial printing orders. Large runs cut the cost and provide a relatively cheaper price for each copy. Choosing the right stock of paper and controlling the ink can help reduce the overall cost. Our Offset Printing experts can help you with the right decision, providing you with the best quote.

Less Paper Waste

Telepathic Graphics believes in eco-friendly printing. Offset printers can handle large sizes of paper as compared to digital printers. Instead of printing two mail cards on a single piece of paper, a bigger size of paper can be used to adjust the maximum number of mail cards on it. Large paper size helps reduce the extra waste and lowers the paper cost.

Efficient Printing Plates

Offst printing requires plates to get the printing process started. Setting up the plates right way makes your job easier. When you are getting the quote for offset printing, it is advised to go for high quantity. The plate will be set only once. Increasing the quantity of your order won't affect the overall cost of the job to be printed.

Go Big

Paper size is limited in digital printing. However, offset printers can print bigger posters for you. Offset printing is mostly used to produce magazines, glossy brochures, catalogs, and newspapers, among many other projects.

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