Digital Printing

We are North Carolina’s Leader in High Quality Digital Printing

What does that mean for you? It means that your print projects will be produced using the very latest high quality digital printing technology. We don’t want to overwhelm you with a bunch of printing industry jargon but it’s important for you to know that the equipment and capabilities available in the printing industry have changed drastically over the last 20 years. And not only was Telepathic Graphics one of the early adopters of this new technology but we continually make significant investments in new high tech equipment in order to remain the industry leader for high quality, fast turnaround digital printing services.

Key Benefits of Digital Printing


One of the greatest benefits of digital printing (as opposed to offset printing) is the ability to turn projects around very quickly. Since there are no printing plates required there is minimal setup time to begin production. If you’re in a hurry, digital is the way to go.

Short Run

Only need a small quantity printed but still want high quality? Digital printing makes short run printing affordable and fast! Digital files are sent directly to the press and within minutes the press can be turning out high quality printed documents. No waiting and no waste.

Variable Data

Achieve a higher ROI with your marketing campaigns by personalizing your direct mail. As a direct marketing tool, variable data printing can deliver better qualified prospects and higher profits to your business.


There was a time when offset printing was the quality benchmark but today that is no longer true. Today’s high tech digital presses can actually exceed the quality of offset printing.


Since there is much less setup cost with digital printing it has become much more economical especially for shorter run length jobs.


Telepathic Graphics is committed to sustainable business practices. And because digital printing produces much less waste than traditional offset printing it is much more environmentally friendly.

Telepathic Graphics specializes in delivering fast, on-demand, custom printing solutions for companies large and small.

And because we’re telepathic we already know your most important prerequisites for selecting a printing solutions provider. Did we guess correctly?

  • Dependable - On time & on budget
  • Fast - We know; you need it yesterday!
  • High Quality - It doesn’t come any higher
  • Value - Not the cheapest but the best value for the money
  • Local- We’re a Raleigh based print shop