The Power of Print–Four Real Life Examples

November 01, 2022

On the road back to normal, we tackled some interesting projects in 2021.  Our efforts covered the whole spectrum of offset, digital, and large format printing. Consequently, we delivered several complex kitting and mailing jobs that utilized every single one of our capabilities.

We did it all in 2021–window graphics, stitched and coiled booklets, banners, mailing campaigns, and folding cartons–just to name a few.  As a result, we pushed some boundaries and occasionally tested the capabilities of our equipment and incredible workforce.  What follows are examples that were born in our wide format and signage department. 

Print can elevate…

We printed and installed these colorful PVC cutouts all over Duke Children’s Hospital in order to create an uplifting atmosphere during a time of transition.  The feedback from staff, patients and visitors was that they “transformed the environment, and made the move so much more celebratory, bright, and welcoming”.

Print can motivate…

Our friends at Schunk trusted us to produce and install the graphics on their eye-catching and dramatic demo lab.  This massive wall graphic uses a combination of printed adhesive vinyl, cut vinyl lettering and sub-surface printed acrylic.   The intent was to make a powerful statement and create a clean and efficient workspace.  


Print can communicate…

As an example of  our remaining COVID-19 challenges, curbside signs remain a popular and contactless way to communicate.  For instance, we printed these double-sided signs and assembled the free-standing hardware so our client could move them around a large campus.

Print can challenge…

Finally, we learned that getting out of your comfort zone can be challenging. However, results like these make the effort worthwhile. Creating these large lightweight letters required an unconventional approach to production. We built these three dimensional letters using an Aluminum Composite Material face mounted to a skeletal frame and painted in a matte black finish.  These mobile letters are designed to be moved around and exhibited at different events.  


Print is Powerful.

The visual and tactile elements of print are hard to beat.  Audience engagement is a three dimensional and in-the-moment experience with a printed project.  This helps to better communicate your message and promote your brand.  Print can lead the way or can walk hand-in-hand with digital media, so supplement your next web-based project with a print component.  Call one of our reps today to explore the many ways to employ the power of Print.

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