Mailing Services

Connect with Existing or New Customers through Direct Mail and the Postal Service

Convenient and affordable way of getting your marketing message out. Direct mailing services offer efficient mailing campaigns. There can hardly be a day when you don't receive a promotional postcard in your mail. Mainly this is because postcards can fit all the necessary information and are great for street marketing. Mailing services have multiple uses. It could be a wedding invite, a home for sale, a business promotion, an election campaign, and much more.

Save Time. Save Money.

Flexible and Efficient

Postacrds are the handy items that goes a long way. All the information on the small piece of paper makes it convenient and efficient. People can have the basic idea about your business with a quick glance it.

Size and Stock Options

Postcards are available in multiple sizes but the commonly used size is 4"x6". Sizes are chosen according to the information being delivered to your audience. Paper stock is also an option besides sizes. It could be glossy, matte, uncoated, or whatever fits your postcard.

Custom Mailing List

Having a difficult time finding the correct mailing list for your new business? Telepathic Graphics help you reach the correct audience with a custom mailing list specially designed for you. We will find the right people and deliver it for you. Yes, we do it all.

Attention Grabbing

Design, layout, colors, fonts, and the right choice of words can help your postcards to stand out. They are more likely to grab attention if pop colors with bright images are used. An impressive design can call for more customers. Having difficulty choosing the correct format? Telepathic Graphics is here to help you!


Postcards have proven to be the most effective marketing tool. They hold the necessary information on a small piece of paper which is economical and less time-consuming. Customers also have the option of choosing between single-sided and double-sided postcards.


Telepathic Graphics cares for the environment. Our postcards are high quality and printed on environmentally friendly premium paper.

Telepathic Graphics specializes in delivering fast, on-demand, custom printing solutions for companies large and small.

And because we’re telepathic we already know your most important prerequisites for selecting a printing solutions provider. Did we guess correctly?

  • Dependable - On time & on budget
  • Fast - We know; you need it yesterday!
  • High Quality - It doesn’t come any higher
  • Value - Not the cheapest but the best value for the money
  • Local- We’re a Raleigh based print shop