You Now Have The Floor…

November 01, 2022

A New Ceiling for Floor Graphics.


One effect of COVID-19 is that marketers have a greater appreciation for the simple power of floor graphics to communicate a message.  Whether instructing people to maintain a six foot social distance or point the way to a variety of checkpoints, floor graphics are now a part of our culture. Maybe it’s time to rethink the very ground we walk on.


Don’t Look Down on Floor Graphics.


Floor Graphics have been around for a while and if you have a talented designer you can create amazing things.  So now that we have spent the last year being directed around grocery store aisles, let’s get creative post-pandemic.


Plan For The Return to Before Times.


When it is finally safe for folks to congregate, be ready to take advantage of the power of ground-up messaging.  One day, we will all be able to attend conventions and conferences, and events at gathering venues like concerts, seminars, weddings, parties, and the like.  When everyone is looking down at their phones, catch their eye from below.  When you want to keep your brand top of mind, you might want to showcase it underfoot.


How Do We Make a Floor Graphic?


We start by processing customer graphic files which will then be printed on rolls of adhesive vinyl.  We optimize the layout of the design to minimize material waste and to accept cutting diagrams.  After printing, we over-laminate the vinyl with a textured polycarbonate laminate that  has a government non-slip rating.  Finally, we use a digital cutting system to cut whatever shape the customer has designed.


Most Customers Install Their Own Floor Graphics.


The product has a scored liner that is removed when adhering the graphic to the floor.  There are important steps you should take to have the best floor graphic experience.  Most of it involves careful cleaning.


Some Tips.


Clean your floor well before applying.

Mount on smooth surfaces if applying indoors.

Avoid floor cracks and gaps.

Use a squeegee when applying to prevent air bubbles. 

Use rounded edges on your design to help prevent picking and peeling. ( Circles work well–use radiused corners on for rectangles and pointed edges )

With regularly-waxed floors, brush a thin layer around the edges of the graphic for increased holding power. 

Give the graphics 24 hours to set, if possible.  

Replace graphics on a regular basis (their  intended shelf life is typically 3 months, but will last longer )

Most importantly, refresh your messages and designs.