Retractable Banners–Mini Billboards

November 01, 2022

Life on the trade show circuit is brutal.  Airports, lost luggage, bad food, late nights and working the booth take a toll on even the most optimistic sales reps.   COVID-19 put a halt to that, but we are slowly returning to the “before times”.  As a result, we will start attending trade shows, conferences, and events once again.   Time to stock up on business cards and brochures,  but you should also consider retractable banners and stands.

That’s How You Roll…

Retractable banners, also called “roll up banners”, are portable graphics that are contained and rolled up in a floor stand.  The banner mounts on a cross bar which is pulled upward until it can be attached to a support pole.  The support pole attaches to the back of the stand creating an upright, portable billboard.  Ready to call it a day? Disconnect the pole, roll the banner back into the stand, and stow the stand and pole in their carrying case.


But banner stands are not just for trade shows–you see them everywhere.  Lobbies, conference rooms, and hallways are common places to find these powerful communication tools.  They are often used as announcements of significant events or important dates: “Our new product launches next month”.  They are effective as way-finding and directional signage: “Marketing meeting in conference room A”.  Sales teams can make a pitch on a retractable banner:  “Top ten reasons you need our product” .


Take your messaging with you.  Do you have multiple sales reps selling to multiple clients? No problem.  Give each rep their own stand or set of stands.  The carrying case has adjustable carrying straps and the stand is lightweight and mobile.  Use the id pouch to identify which banner is in which stand.


If you have recurring messages or seasonal information to share, retractable banners are fantastic.  You can create banners for every season and use them when you want.  If your information changes, print new banners and remount on your existing banner stand.  Print banners for recurring sales events or educational programs and store until needed.


Since they are available in a variety of standard widths and variable heights, you get a lot of information potential. A commonly ordered size is a 35.5″ width banner that can extend from 60 to 83.25 inches.  That is almost 21 square feet of messaging real estate!  A well-designed banner with relevant content delivers great value at a reasonable price.   When you plan your banner purchase with reusability in mind,  your return is even greater.