This week on Siga’s Spot : Packaging

November 01, 2022

So what’s up with packaging in 2021:

More protective packaging

Overall demand for protective packaging has increased.

Packaging with porous materials

Practical function is always a top consideration for packaging design – that’s not a new design trend.

“Soothing” copy

The most effective packaging design resonates with potential customers where they are at that moment.

Durable and sustainable packaging

The buying public wants environmentally-friendly packaging.

Clear type-setting

Clear typography is easier to read from a distance, especially when combined with complementary color palettes and other design elements that help make the copy easy to read

Personalized packaging

Packaging and package graphics allow businesses to communicate about their product and brand and help customers experience that product and brand

Straightforward branding

Now is not the time for mystery, ambiguity, or assumptions. Instead, it’s the time for crystal-clear communication about your product and your brand.