Say it with a box!

November 01, 2022

Welcome Back!

Seriously , how eager are you to hear those words?!?

2020 was a long and painful year for many people. If you are reading this, you have made it to 2021! That alone is cause for celebration!

Though we are not completely out of the woods yet; we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Hooray!

As of today, about 76 million Americans (roughly 23%) are fully vaccinated and many more still scheduled to receive the “golden ticket”.

Impact on Businesses

Many companies have been impacted negatively by COVID-19.

At Telepathic Graphics, we came up with creative ways to continue thriving while keeping in mind the most important aspect: How can we help??

We utilized our equipment to start making face shields, counter shields… These have been  critical in helping keep our first line Responders and Essential Workers safe.

As a good portion of our production efforts were geared towards PPE, we dedicated the other to helping businesses in their “COVID-19″marketing efforts by producing…

  • Floor Decals/ Floor Graphics To Promote Social Distancing

As cautious shoppers draw their eyes to the floor, these graphics have been an unexpected way to draw their attention towards the store rules.

  • A-Frame Boards For Outdoor Messaging

Sandwich boards have become a popular form of business signage that helps relay important information ahead of time.

  • Informational Posters And Banners

Large format posters and banners can tell the story that you simply don’t have time to communicate to each customer individually.

  • Window Decals

Large or small, window decals are sure to make an impact on passersby, even at a distance.

  • Direct Mail Pieces

As everyone has been staying home , a good way to reach more people has been through direct mail.

Transition Phase

Many companies are getting ready to welcome their employees back to office buildings in the next few months.

We have been approached to come up with a care package and that is how the “welcome back” boxes idea came to life!

Imagine your employees walking into their offices and finding a personalized box containing sanitation/cleaning supplies, PPE (masks and face shields) and a booklet with updated operating guidelines for the company. That is better than any chocolate or fruit basket you could send their way. These boxes show that you care about their well being.  After the year we have all had , what could be better ?!?

Personalized boxes can also be used for advertising purposes. A box with your company’s logo and information containing company branded promotional items and printed pieces is a sure way to keep your business on customers and prospects’ minds.

Say it with a box!