Not Quite Printing?

November 01, 2022

What do we do?

Like all businesses, we faced big challenges when COVID-19 started disrupting the world. We re-tooled our work space for staff safety and devised protocols for contact with customers and vendors. Designated an essential business, we quickly realized that we could have an impact on the fight against COVID-19.

Printing is Communication

We knew that communication is an essential part of the public health priority. And as a commercial printing, mailing and signage company, we obviously had important capabilities.  After all, who quickly produces and distributes mailings, brochures, instructional guides, posters and endless types of printed collateral?  It’s what we do everyday. But we also knew that our sign and wide format shop gave us some additional capabilities that we had not realized could be helpful in a public health crisis.

We produced 500,000 UNprinted products this year. What?

Almost everything we do involves ink and graphics. But in the last year we have produced almost half a million protective disposable face shields without using any ink.  Our Zund S3 Digital Cutter quickly cut clear vinyl masks to which we attached foam headbands and elastic straps. The S3 is a computerized cutting platform that precisely cuts and routs a variety of materials.  In fact, the face shields were not the only unprinted products we produced in 2020.

Salad Bar Sneezeguard? NOT!

No doubt you have seen many safety shields at retail counters, reception areas, and office workstations. We have produced a variety of these clear protective shields in varying sizes and configurations to accommodate different workspaces. Our Zund S3 neatly cut and routed quarter inch clear polycarbonate to produce a protective product that is also light enough to move around if necessary.  Logos and information can be printed directly to the polycarbonate in case you want to get fancy.

Stand up and sanitize

And we did get fancy when we designed hand sanitizer stands made of Aluminum Composite Material and Expanded PVC.  We printed directly to these two rigid, lightweight materials with our flatbed UV printer.  Then we routed legs and tops on our Zund S3 and assembled these unique stands without hardware.   They provide a network of sanitizing stations for staff and patients in a hospital campus.

Digital and offset printing

But let’s not forget the “boring” stuff. Sure, most paper and ink products are not as cool as face shields and sanitizer stands, but health care departments and professionals have relied on us to print important information on contact tracing, travel guidelines, healthy pandemic practices and more. Working on our core business while also producing unconventional products feels great. We are proud to contribute to the general health and safety of the public.  We are looking forward to more challenges, but not based on such difficult circumstances.