Multi-Layer Signs Add Depth and Impact

November 01, 2022

Sometimes you need a sign that is just plain old cool…

Combine the talents of a good designer with the wide assortment of available materials and it is easier than you think to create a sign that makes a statement.

What follows is a walk through of a multi-level sign we created using 6mm Clear Acrylic and 6mm Brushed Aluminum Composite Material ( ACM ) for a client who needed a point of purchase sign to hang on a sales counter.

Step One–Cut the Acrylic Backer.

First, we cut an unprinted piece of clear acrylic to serve as the back of the sign ( the tan paper is a protective lining which we remove at final assembly ).  Our automated digital cutter precisely routs/cuts intricate patterns from a wide variety of materials.

Step Two–Cut the Aluminum Front Piece.

Before cutting the brushed aluminum piece, we printed the logo directly to the material on our flatbed UV printer.  Then we trimmed out the letters and the printed logo.

Step Three–Assemble Components…

This is what they look like separately…note that the logo is printed, but the type is cut out of the ACM.

…and Layer.

The sign is beginning to take shape.  At one point, we remove the liner from the acrylic and adhere the brushed aluminum using a High Bond adhesive.

Step Four–Prepare Mounting Hardware.

We used acrylic french cleats behind the sign to create a slight offset from the fixture it would hang from.

Step Five–Test the Mounting.

We hung the sign in our lobby (underneath one of our own brushed aluminum signs) to double check the integrity of the finished piece and the mounting hardware.

Close up detail shows how the acrylic creates an aura around the Brushed Aluminum and how the logo floats within the cutout area.  Optionally, the client could have ordered LED lights to be installed behind the sign for additional impact.  We have even installed LED kits with color changing and pulsing/flashing effects.


The bottom line is that you do not have to limit yourself when it comes to signage. Simple combinations of materials can be layered and combined.  If you see something you like, chances are we can duplicate it or offer an interesting alternative.