First Class Mail vs USPS Marketing Mail- Wouldn’t you like to know ?!?

January 05, 2023

The $1M question!  

It is very fitting that I chose to talk about this topic because after all I am known as the mail goddess around town .. Yup that is my claim to fame!

Welcome to the world of mail!

So what is First Class Mail?

Let’s say Christmas is 3 weeks away and you have some important folks in your life who deserve to get cards from you. You order them from Telepathic Graphics , they look awesome and now you want to mail them. More than likely you will pull up to your neighborhood USPS office, get couple of stamps, slap them on the cards, drop them in the box and call it a day. Well that is First Class mail! 

FCM Features

  • Delivery in 1–3 business days ( COVID-19 has slowed down delivery times)
  • Best priced service for mail up to 13 oz
  • Insurance for loss or damage up to $5,000 for merchandise only
  • Eligible for delivery confirmation services such as Certified Mail®
  • One price for up to 3.5 ounces with commercially priced letters and cards
  • Prices based on shape and weight


Now on to USPS Marketing Mail…

This is also referred to as Bulk Mail.  As the name indicates , this isn’t for a few pieces of mail but rather couple of 100’s. The most popular form of bulk mailing is via permit imprint (indicia). Most cities if not all have a Business Mail Entry Unit to receive bulk mail. In order to gain access to a permit account, you will need to fill out a form online and pay the associated permit fees. I know you are rolling your eyes right now thinking “Seriously, I need to do all this just to get some mailing out?!?” .

Well good thing is WE do it so YOU don’t have to! 


Commercial Printers to the rescue…

Printers like us have the capabilities to not only print your mail (obviously), but also presort it, clean the database ( via NCOA ), sort it in trays and drive it to the designated BMEU. All that extra work we do prior to getting the mail to the post office is the reason why bulk mail is discounted. You benefit from that discount by way of lowered postage costs.

The time and headache you have saved yourself trying to navigate the world of Bulk Mail is totally worth letting a professional do it. Trust me!!

Mailers use USPS Marketing Mail to send:

  • Printed matter, flyers, circulars, advertising.
  • Newsletters, bulletins, and catalogs.
  • Small parcels.

To go more in depth regarding the different classes of bulk mail and requirements, click on the link below.

Read on it, familiarize yourself with it if you need to but whatever you do, just let us do it !

Think Print,

Mail Goddess