Why Digital Printing?

Top 10 Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital printing technology has revolutionized the printing industry over the last 20 years and now allows for fast, high quality, short run printing at affordable prices.


One of the single greatest benefits of digital printing is its ability to turn projects around very quickly. Since there are no printing plates required there is minimal setup time to begin production. In today's fast paced, 24 hour a day marketplace, digital printing helps you keep pace with the competitive challenges your business faces every day.

Short Run

Why waste money ordering large quantities of your printed materials when you only need a small amount. Digital printing affords you the ability to order small quantities at an economical price. While it’s sometimes true that digital printing can cost more per page than offset printing, it actually becomes more economical on short run print projects.

Variable Data

Achieve a higher ROI with your marketing campaigns by personalizing your marketing materials. Documents printed on a digital press don’t have to be “static”. Instead each and every copy that comes off the press can be personalized or customized with information that is specifically relevant to the intended recipient.


There was a time when offset printing was the industry standard for print quality, but today that is no longer true. Our state-of-the-art digital presses routinely equal or exceed the quality of offset printing.


Digital printing requires less of an upfront monetary investment. Order smaller quantities for what you actually need now and if the need arises for more, simply place a new order. And should some of the content of your materials need to be changed, you won’t end up trashing your, now out of date, inventory.

Environmentally “Green”

Climate Change is a real concern and by employing digital printing you’ll be doing your part to be “Green”. Because it creates less waste and doesn’t require the use of harmful chemicals, digital printing is much more environmentally friendly. And all the digital paper stocks we use are FSC certified which means the pulp used in the manufacture of those papers was harvested in a sustainable manner.

Ability to Update Documents

Printing your documents in smaller batches affords you the ability to make ongoing revisions and keep your materials up to date. You don’t have to worry about contributing to a landfill when critical documents suddenly contain out of date content.


Since a printed proof on a digitally run job will be printed on the exact same device as the full run of the job, your proof will be an exact, accurate representation of what your final product will look like. What you see in your proof is what you’ll get on the final run.


Because a digital printing press uses a laser to “paint” a latent image “on the fly”, it doesn't lock you into using just one version of a document. Create multiple versions of your marketing materials, having each version speak directly to a different vertical market segment.

Print on demand

Forget the expense of storing pre printed document inventories in a warehouse. With Print on Demand your materials are not printed until you actually need them. Your print files are stored in the cloud and only printed in the quantity you need at that moment.

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