Schunk Co Lab Wall Graphics


Professional Services

November 01, 2022

Project overview:

Last year end of September, Schunk approached us with a request to create a custom workspace experience like the one in their other branches. It all started with a picture of blank freshly painted wall. It was a challenge, but we knew we could do it. After getting approval on the digital mockup of the wall, we decided to go with the Rigid Contour Cutting of 1/2” Non-Glare Clear Acrylic for the logos and adhesive vinyl for the remaining design.


The biggest challenge that came in our way was the freshly painted wall. We did a vinyl test, and it didn’t go as planned. After several experimentation by our sign shop experts, we got it right.


With careful consideration and planning, the Non-Glare Clear Acrylic signs were sticked to the wall and left for a week to test. For the squares it was decided to add Clear Acrylic on top of Adhesive Vinyl.


The process was exhausting and experimental, but the wall turned out exactly how we planned. Thinking Big! Printing Big!