PHONONIC Wall Graphics

Professional Services

June 20, 2023

Project Overview

It is always a pleasure to provide services to PHONONIC. They needed to redesign their workspace in Durham. The project included Acrylic Cut Letters and removable Augusta Wall Graphics for the graphic artwork to be placed on the walls. The job included detailed installation work.


The installation process required lots of detailed work. Acrylic cut letters needed to be installed with precision for symmetry. Removeable Augusta Wall Graphics Embossed 6 mil was used to cover the walls around the workplace. The wall graphics were printed in separate pieces and was installed with correctness making sure everything is aligned.


All the materials were printed in advance so that our installation team won’t have to make multiple trips. They spent two days to get the work done.


It was an effort of multiple days but everything turned out great. Our Sign Shop experts called this an ‘Unmitigated Nightmare of Alignment’ but they did a great job!