NC Museum of Art: Fall Preview

Colleges & Universities

April 12, 2023

Project Overview

NCMA was planning its Fall Preview and they needed 18000 copies to be printed and mailed. The timeline was not too tight but the design file needed some changes before it hits the printer.


The Fall Preview had a few images of famous artworks that lost color while capturing the photo. Those artworks needed to be color corrected, including the front cover. The image of the artwork cannot be shared outside the Museum therefore everything needed to be done within the premises of NCMA.


Since the pictures of the famous artworks cannot be shared, our Graphics Designer made a trip to the NCMA to color correct the artworks. After spending the whole day with the Marketing Director, we finally had the images but still needed a test print. The pre-production team was on standby and the new files were emailed to them instantly so they can run a test proof. The next day new proofs were delivered to NCMA. After some back and forth we finally had the finalized design file.


With the help of our offset and mailing team, the Fall Preview was delivered on time. The team of NCMA was delighted with the print quality, paper choices, and color correcting of the artwork.