HMC Marlin Tournament Booklet 2023

Professional Services

June 27, 2023

Project Overview

HMC Marlin Tournament is held every year by the end of June. Telepathic Graphics has been designing and printing its Annual Tournament Booklers for the past couple of years. All the information was shared gradually as sponsors share the ads and the schedule was being decided for the tournament. The booklets were printed on Digital Press every year as the quantity is limited.


The information for the tournament and the sponsor ads keep coming till the last minute. There were frequent changes in the schedule, new members list, and sponsors. With the limited time window, every new information must be updated instantly to print the booklets on time.


The Graphic Design team started working on the basic layout of the booklet and left space for the upcoming information. All the information was added in the order it was received. Since the time frame was limited, some of the design work was done over the weekend to wrap up the design for the booklet on time.


Despite some last-minute design changes and quantity updates, booklets were printed and delivered three days in advance of the Tournament. Like every year, the Hatteras Marlin Club was delighted with the Digital Print Services provided by Telepathic Graphics.