Duke Hospital; Wayfinding Signage



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August 16, 2023

Hospitals can be daunting, especially when you are not feeling your best. What is better than clear and concise wayfinding signage?

Finding your way…


Hospitals have a lot of rules and regulations. Solutions can collide with everyday hospital functions. It sounds obvious, right? Wayfinding signage can be a relief when you finally figure out where you are supposed to be going. Telepathic Graphics was asked to provide a solution that would not create an obstacle in the busy corridors of the hospital thus delaying patient care.


We installed removable wallpaper that prints in vibrant colors, is easily cut to shape, and will not damage the existing paint. It installs in minutes and can be adjusted at will if the patients, hospital staff, or loved ones, make a suggestion for a better height or sight line. It meets all fire code regulations and additional wayfinding signage can be added at any time.

We at Telepathic Graphics provide 100’s sign solutions for our customers every year, please contact your Sales Representative and our Product Engineer to discuss your signage needs and see what a difference the right sign in the right place makes to customers and staff alike.