Deactown Letters

Colleges & Universities

February 23, 2023


Making these massive letters was a new challenge but we were all prepared. Our Design
Engineer did his best in calculating the dimensions, creating a layout design and mockup for
proof of concept. A prototype was constructed to get approved by the customer before we
moved forward.


It’s fun time. Executing the prototype was tough but fun in its own way. Trying new things is
always a fun job to do. For the solid construction of the idea, 12MM White Expanded PVC was
laid down on our digital cutter for rigid contour cutting. Our Digital cutter did the job like a pro,
and we got our big letters ready for action.


Digitally cut, Expanded PVC was all ready to stand still. The flat sheets were glued together
making 4-inch-deep letters. It took lots of technique to make them stand still and sturdy, but
we got it right.


Coming to the final yet important part. The letters were finished with matte black spray paint. It
was a messy part but crucial one.