Bonair Daydreams; Greeting Cards and Envelopes


Professional Services

July 18, 2023

Have you ever wondered how greeting cards and envelopes are designed, produced, and distributed?
It all starts with great creative ideas…..

Birthdays, holidays, and special events are still celebrated with a handwritten card addressed to a
specific person. Images and the right words convey the sentiment and thoughtfulness of both the
creator and the sender. Providing cost-effective print solutions that allow the designer and distributor to
make a profit and continue to provide a highly valued service that makes the recipient feel good.
Wouldn’t it be fun to have your own custom card with your images and messages from the heart?


Selecting the appropriate stock for look, feel, and experience.
Selecting the proper print process for sustainable color, finishes, and WOW factor.
Enhancements include die-cut shapes, embellishments, foil, metallics, or coating.
Creating an inventory program to respond to the market.
Delivery on time, every time.

The Process:

At Telepathic Graphics we work closely with the designer to develop a manageable and realistic
process, that keeps the costs in line, the inventory available and the WOW factor front and center.
With multiple SKU’s, which speak volumes to the designer’s creativity, it is important to keep the
materials available, the versions separated and produce those in cost-effective batches. After all, who
wants a Christmas card on their birthday!

End Product:

Collating, packaging, and distributing are one of our many special talents and we stand in awe and salute
our hand bindery on a daily basis. Dealing with 100’s of versions and multiple quantities, and getting it right
builds confidence with customers and the employees that we can handle complex projects.

We pay attention to our customer’s requests and try to make it as easy as possible for them to do what
they do best.