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July 18, 2023

Case Bound Books:

If you want to have a reference point at your fingertips, full of history and longevity, then maybe a case bound book is the answer. Whether it sits on a coffee table or bookshelf you are making a statement as a company and organization. Members have a sense of pride when they receive these books and the ability to reference historical points in both words and pictures goes a long way to creating value for money and enterprise value.

Seeing is believing and holding a case bound book in your hands enhances credibility and stability. It also creates a sense of purpose.

The Set Up:

Selecting the appropriate materials for a look and feel, longevity and class.

Spine width is measured and created for success.

Text weight, Hard Bound Cover Wraps, and Laminates are selected.

Digital print makes it cost-effective.

Finishing skills are admired and revered.


At Telepathic Graphics we have an experienced workforce to conceive, deliberate and put plans in place to achieve outstanding finished products, no matter their complexity. We have all seen projects go awry because of a lack of understanding and skill set.

Case studies are a very important tool both to reflect and improve to stay at the top of your game. Our client was delighted with the results. We did some painstaking and detailed work upfront to ensure a smooth and predictable outcome for our client. We take pride in results.