American Family Care Window Wraps


February 23, 2023

Project Overview: 

American Family Care in Raleigh needed an upgrade for the entire front of urgent care. After having a discussion the talks were about getting Red Band Window Graphics with white ink, AFC Logo Entrance Sign for the front door, and Vinyl Lettering of the List of Services.


The red window bands needs to be placed on the windows across the building and they all were different sizes. Accurate measurements need to be taken of all the windows and doors. Another thing to make sure of was that each designated red band with a white printed service on it goes on the right window.


Measurements were taken and everything was divided into different categories. A digital mockup of the building was shared before printing anything to have a final verdict on it.


Once the digital files and mockup were approved,  everything was printed on 54″ White Permanent Vinyl and later installed by our sign shop experts.

AFC Window wraps AFC Window wraps AFC Window wraps