Paperboard: We Love This Stuff…And You Will Too!

November 01, 2022

If you want a presentation product that is flat, lightweight and recyclable, you have to try paperboard.  To be clear, paperboard is the term we use at Telepathic Graphics.  There are several brands available and the material is variously advertised as display board, rigid board, rigid paper board, and sign cardstock.  We call it paperboard to distinguish it from the many materials we print on.

So what is this stuff?

You are likely familiar with foamboard, which consists of two polystyrene surfaces sandwiched between a foam core.  Now imagine the same thing but the core is a rigid paper pulp and the face is smooth paper surface.  That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is, because there are several advantages to paperboard.

Tough Stuff.

Paperboard is more rigid than foamboard and is not as prone to damage.  The rigid paper core lays flat and does not flex.  It sits upright on an easel and does not curve away from a wall mount.  If you drop your presentation piece on its edge the corner will not crush as easily. If you step on your presentation piece the rigid core will not dent like a foam board product.  More rugged and more rigid.

But Still Lightweight.

Just like foamboard, Paperboard is a lightweight product that is easily moved from place to place.  Carrying several pieces across campus or to a client site?  Paperboard is nearly as light the foam products.   It is easy to transport.

Large and In Charge…

We print on paperboard in sheets up to 48 inches x 96 inches.  This kind of real estate allows to designers to make a bold impact.  As a result, you can make room for all kinds of content, artwork, and photographic imagery.

Cost Effective.

Compared to the standard 4mm thick foamboard product, Paperboard is much more cost effective.  If you want to save a few more bucks, get the 3mm thickness, which is thinner, less expensive and still very rigid.

The Dealmaker.

The best part of paperboard? It is paper throughout.  That means you have a recyclable product right out of the gate.  Did your campaign run its course?  Throw the paperboard in the recycle bin.  Ready for new signage in the conference room and break rooms?  Recycle them and order new designs.  Almost all other sign products are plastics-based.  Even with their versatility and impact, plastics-based products are harder to recycle.  If you are concerned about the environmental impacts of your indoor signage and want to conserve your budget, give paperboard a try.