Print is Dead they said!

November 01, 2022
  • Let’s face it, we spent the entire 2020 on our laptops; people look forward to unplugging and reading a piece of mail!

I have to admit that I used to be one of those people who barely glanced at a postcard or flyer that I got in the mail. That is  unless the design was very appealing, the texture of the paper interesting or Telepathic Graphics printed it 😊. When COVID-19 hit and many of us turned to almost 100% Digital as our means of communication , I started reading ALL THE MAIL. I mean RELIGIOUSLY. It made me realize that I was missing out on some  brilliant marketing AND great coupons. So, if you sent me a piece of mail between March 2020 and now, I promise you I got it and read it!

  • Print helps in establishing brand recognition. According to several surveys, people just tend to focus more on printed ads than digital ones.

Yes!! Studies have shown that people are more inclined to remember a brand through the print medium than any other media. I mean it is all there on a piece of paper for you to review at your convenience. TV commercials are awesome but during most of them you barely have the time to digest it all as there is some much going on. So, you want your business to be remembered? Print something!

  • The effort you put into designing and printing a piece while many people have been going the digital route makes it even more appealing.

People pay attention to such things! It is important to work with a designer with great aesthetics who understands what consumers want to see.

  • Print is all around us! Imagine walking into the grocery store and seeing nothing but blank labels! Nightmare!!

Print isn’t dead. To the contrary, it is alive and thriving!