Perfect Binding

Types Of Paper And Minimum Thickness

Telepathic Graphics can perfect bind books with many types of paper and even card stock. However it is important to note that there is a minimum amounts of sheets that are needed to produce a book, otherwise the glue will not hold and the book will fall apart. The minimum amount of sheets depends on the thickness (or weight) of the paper type.

Minimums for our most common paper types:

40m (20lb) Recycled Paper (our thinnest paper) = minimum of 30 sheets 48m (28lb) Laser Paper = 24 sheets

Please check with us for the minimums for other paper types. A good gauge to go by is that your book must be at least 3mm thick. So for example, if you want to use Newsprint, you'll have to make sure to use enough sheets to make a 3mm thick pile.

Cover Setup

Telepathic Graphics will charge an extra fee for setting up the cover of your book, so it's good to learn how to do it properly yourself. There are certain steps to take and certain ways to setup your document.


  1. Your cover must be a separate file (document) from the rest of your book. A high resolution pdf is preferred.
  2. You must include the back cover, spine and front cover as one image in your document (see diagram below)
  3. You must add bleed to your cover (0.125" on each side) See our Bleed Guidelines (link) if you need help with bleeds

Steps To Take

  1. Choose the paper type for the inside pages of your booklet.
  2. Measure out a stack of sheets equivalent to the amount of sheets you'll have in your book.
  3. Add this measurement to the widths of your front and back cover.(For example, if your book is 8.5" x 11" and your stack of paper is 0.25" thick you would add 8.5+8.5+0.25 to get a total width of 17.25". You now know that your total cover size is 17.25" x 11"
  4. Add 0.125" bleed to each side of the total cover size to get your document size(For example if your cover is 17.25" x 11", with bleed it should be 17.5" x 11.25")
  5. Create a new document in the program of your choice with this size
  6. Paste in or create the graphics for your back cover, spine and front cover, making sure to let the background colors and graphics extend to the edge of the document. Also make sure to keep your text within the safe zone. (See diagram)
  7. Save your document as a .pdf